The beautiful, frustrating world of bookmarking

Since the dawn of the internet, people have struggled to keep track of their sources, links, and articles when they intend on revisiting.

Fortunately, this can be easily managed with a great online bookmark tool like a Chrome bookmark manager or a Firefox bookmark manager.

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Despite the variety of helpful bookmarking resources, many still prefer to save their things the old-fashion way. Chances are that you’ve probably used these methods to keep a tab on something:

  1. Bookmark the page
  2. Email yourself the link
  3. Leave a website open in your browser

Though these simple techniques are helpful ways to preserve your research, they often leave your browsers, homepage, inboxes, and folders cluttered and disorganized. Over time, when you start to fill up your space with links, your storage clogs up with sources that may be ignored or unintentionally closed later on.

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Luckily many bookmark management tools will help you prevent those types of messes. Here’s our take on the best ones!

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The Best Bookmark Managers for Chrome

Best bookmark managers

1. – Best overall bookmark manager is a sleek and user-friendly bookmark manager.

With the ability to bookmark an article, photo, or webpage in a distinct folder or subfolder category, makes it easy to keep your sources stored in an organized fashion.

A unique feature about this tool is its guided search functionality. By applying a hashtag or simple search phrase, will be able to recognize the category that your source aligns with and retrieve all relevant search results.

You can choose between list view, image view, and mood boards.

Our favorite feature is the Image Saving extension for Google Chrome. All you have to do is right-click on an image, and click “Save Image to”. is offered as a web extension for Chrome, Firefox, and other notable web browsers. It’s also available as a mobile or desktop app for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

Pricing: Free with the option to upgrade to a PRO plan for $3 a month ($28 annually). PRO offers more cloud space, photo storage, and many other capabilities.

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2. Lasso – Best bookmark manager for teams

Lasso is a cloud-based bookmark manager that captures and organizes your content in a clean and easy-to-use dashboard. With Lasso, you’re able to store things privately for personal use or share folders publicly with other team members.

Often regarded as “the easiest and most powerful way to curate and share content,” Lasso is the perfect tool to collaborate over resources with team members.

With Lasso’s Chrome Extension, you’re able to visualize your content from Grid, Map, Link, or Comparable views. In addition, it also integrates with Slack to streamline efficient communication about topics or sources.

Pricing: Free for up to 5 team members!

Chrome Bookmark Manager

3. Chrome Bookmark Manager – Best simple bookmarking tools

Chrome Bookmark Manager is a simple chrome extension that saves web pages much more efficiently.

Compatible with Google Search, this chrome extension makes it easy to filter through all files on the search engine.

No need to clutter your menu bar with bookmarks. Just open chrome, install the extension, and save away. You don’t even need to sign into your Gmail account.

Pricing: Free

Pocket - Online Bookmark Manager

4. Pocket – Best bookmark tool for reading later

Ever stumble upon an article that looks really intriguing to read? If so, have you ever been conflicted to bookmark the article and risk it getting lost in the chaos of your other bookmarks? Sounds like Pocket might be the right tool for you then.

Pocket is a bookmark management tool that quickly saves and recommends the web’s most interesting stories.

Pocket is available as an app or web extension on all major platforms (iPad, Smartphone, Google Chrome, Safari, Kindle Fire, etc.) It is also integrated with more than 1,500 apps including Twitter, Flipboard, and Zite.

Pricing: Free with the option of a premium upgrade for $4.99 per month or $44.99 per year.

GGather Online Bookmark Manager

5. GGather – Bookmark manager with the most options

Another amazing bookmark manager is GGather.

GGather’s slick dashboard offers an incredible line of features, including distinct view modes, search-friendly tags, and annotated details about your bookmarks.

GGather is possibly the most expansive bookmark management tool on this list. With GGather, you have the option to save/access your saved pages via a Chrome Extension, web application, via URL, via bookmarklet, and soon via iOS and Android.

Perhaps the greatest feature of this tool is its label and rating scale. GGather allows you to label your bookmarks and rank it on a scale of 1-5. This allows users to filter through their sources based on levels of importance.

Pricing: Free with the option to upgrade to a premium version for $3 a month.

Dropmark Online Bookmark Manager

6. Dropmark – Best bookmarking tool for photos and media

Dropmark is arguably, one of the most visually-appealing bookmark management tools out there.

Users are able to drag and drop their files into the dashboard and visually preview through a source’s featured image.

Dropmark allows users to organize photos, videos, sound bites, and even gifs in distinct folder categories.

One of the tool’s coolest features is slideshow view. All Dropmark collections can be shown in a fullscreen motion – perfect for presentations.

Pricing: Free Personal plan with upgrade options for Personal Pro ($4/month) and Team ($5/month) plans.

Refind Online Bookmark


This isn’t your typical bookmark manager. Refind is a unique, invite-only pinboard (no not like Pinterest) that users have to join a waitlist for.

When you become a member of Refind, 50 relevant links are chosen for you based on things that you follow. As a user, you’re able to sort through these sources and bookmark things that you find most interesting.

Essentially, it does the searching for you. Pretty cool!

Pricing: Free

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Webjets Online Bookmark Manager

Webjets is one of our personal favorite bookmarking platforms. Webjets has a very clean interface that allows you to store files with ease.

It’s simple. Just drag and drop a URL, document, or any other type of file into a folder and make a note of what you what to do with them.

With Webjets, all you have to do is click on the page and click CRTL / CMD + V to paste the link into your folder. You can also paste images, write notes, and embed Google Docs directly onto the page.

Webjets has potential to be a great project management tools once some bugs are fixed and a Chrome Extension is released.

Overall, it’s a great dashboard to brainstorm ideas.

Pricing: Free or a Professional upgrade for $5 a month. Professional plans include unlimited cards and collaborators.

Papaly Online Bookmark


Papaly is a cloud-based bookmark manager that saves your links in a collection gallery called boards. All boards can be personalized and filtered in unique categories.

With Papaly, it’s easy to keep your favorite blogs or articles efficiently stored. Like most bookmark programs, Papaly can be used as a mobile app or installed as a web extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Pricing: Free

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Bookly Online Bookmark Manager

If you want to view all of your bookmark folders from a single dashboard, then is probably the right tool for you. is a private bookmarking tool that easily organizes your favorite websites and other frequently visited pages. You can customize and color-coordinate your folders through a desktop extension or mobile app.

Pricing: Free

Diigo Online Bookmark Manager


At a glance, Diigo allows users to bookmark and apply search-friendly tags to web pages.

Users are able to build a personal library of online resources and add sticky notes with annotated information. This makes it useful for users to share and collaborate on bookmarked information.

It’s no wonder why there are 9 million+ people currently using Diigo.

Pricing: Free or options for Standard, Professional, and Business plans that range from $40-120 a year. Bookmark

“Never lose a website again.” That’s a bold statement but is a superior bookmarking app that makes this a reality.

Powered by Google Chrome, Fetching keeps track of every webpage that you visit – not just your bookmarks.

Fetching keeps all web history secure but gives users the ability to separate their preferred pages to eliminate the mess of searching for a page that needs to be revisited.

Pricing: $3.33/month for a standard Cloud plan or a one-time fee of $29 for a Native account. You can test it out with a free 30-day trial.

Online Bookmark Manager - Roboform


Roboform is a one-stop-shop storage platform for all pertinent account information. Primarily used as a password manager, Roboform offers a bookmark function that allows users to keep a tab on important websites.

If you are looking for a tool that keeps track of all important logins, passwords, contacts, applications, bookmarks, and more, then you should try this tool out.

Pricing: Free with the option for a Full Access upgrade ($19.95/year) or a Family package ($39.90/year)

Cling - Online Bookmark Manager


Cling is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based app that makes note taking a piece of cake.

Cling allows you to record a to-do list, write notes, bookmark relevant content, and display notable photos through a very robust, yet user-friendly dashboard.

If you need a bookmarking tool that doubles as a task manager, then you gotta give Cling a chance.

Pricing: Free. - Online Bookmark Manager

One of the most popular bookmark managers is Delicious; a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering digital bookmarks.

With Delicious, you’re able to save a webpage, add a unique tag to the content, and discover relevant websites based on the tag. Delicious is operated as a Chrome bookmark manager, Firefox bookmark manager, or as a web-based dashboard.

Unfortunately Delicious is undergoing a makeover, but will be available in a new-and-improved design on July 24th.

Pricing: Free


Did we miss any good bookmark managers? Submit a software review for an individual post review or to be featured on this list (if it is worthy). You can also check out our software directory for more cool tools.

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